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Sweet & Spicy Thai Chicken Thighs With Coconut Rice and Grilled Sweet Onions

I continuously reminisce about my birthday meal at Pok Pok and those heavenly chicken wings coated in a spicy, caramelized fish sauce. This evening I decided to try marinating chicken thighs in a mixture I hoped would taste a bit like them. The marinade consisted of chopped ginger and garlic, fish sauce, brown sugar, chili garlic sauce, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Nate and I were both hungry, so they only marinated for about two hours. Instead of deep frying them like Pok Pok does, we grilled them. Unfortunately, the picture does not adequately depict how delicious they were: nothing like the Pok Pok wings of my memory, but fantastic just the same.

Semi-sweet coconut rice was the ideal accompaniment to these chicken thighs. It tempered their spiciness and added a whole new and tantalizing element of flavor. One might be prone to assume that the coconut would add a great deal of sweetness to the dish. However, it was primarily the aroma that came through with very little additional sweetness. The final product was delightfully creamy and paired wonderfully with the spicy meat.

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  1. Mmmm, that coconut rice looks extra delicious

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